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About Us

"Our commitment to providing the same exceptional service is as strong as it was when we started 50 years ago."


Our History

My three brothers and I were born and raised into the family business. My father started ‘American Electric’ in 1974. We were all taught the craft of electrical work by our father from a young age. 


Over the years the company has grown and rebranded to Haupt Electrical, but our commitment to providing the same exceptional service is as strong as it was when we started 50 years ago. 


While the company has expanded far beyond the Haupt boys, we all still view each other as family. Taking care of our family and customers is our number one priority. Safety is paramount here at Haupt Electrical. Our experienced professionals are not just trained and retrained they are expected to abide by the highest safety standards. We have developed a culture of looking out for each other as family. Whether at the job site, in the office, or when traveling, our goal is to do the highest quality work as safely as possible. 


Thank you for trusting us to be your local electricians for the last 50 years. We hope to continue to earn your trust and provide great value in return. The best is yet to come.

Mike Haupt

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Get to know us

Haupt Electrical Executive Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.



As CEO at Haupt Electrical, Mike manages the executive team, oversees business plan leadership, and heads special projects, but his favorite thing is troubleshooting and hands-on problem-solving with his team and clients alike.

Following in his father’s entrepreneur-and-electrician footsteps, Mike started shadowing his dad at work when he was just eight years old. By the time he was 15, he could wire an entire house on his own, and his interest in the craft was set in stone. He entered the electrical training program at 17, completed his journeyman certification in Colorado in 2005, and started his career working on industrial projects at food and beverage plants in Colorado. Eventually, he was running crews across the nation. He received his Master Electrician license in 2008, and a desire to quit traveling and return to his roots prompted him to run  his own company here in Utah.

Mike is driven, decisive, compassionate, fair, and good with people. What began as a one-man-band dream has grown from a few part-time employees in the beginning to a thriving company of almost 100 employees today. He loves the nature of the work and the team he’s blessed to work with, and he’s proud of Haupt’s mentality: startup, scrappy, adaptable, hard-working, and customer-focused. Mike is a devoted husband of 16 years and the father of four kids. When he’s off the clock, he loves spending time with his wife, Melissa, going on trips, adventure motorcycle riding, live music, backpacking, visiting the ocean and coast, and spending time outdoors. 




Pete’s superpower is his ability to chat and connect with people from all walks of life. As one of 13 children born to his parents, this skill was developed from a young age, enabling him to build a large network from his earliest connections.


As CRO (Chief Revenue Officer) at Haupt, his job centers on internal and external business development: researching growth and development opportunities, engaging in business networking groups, building and strengthening relationships, and supervising estimating and sales. Pete brings a strong background in construction to the table, having worked in the industry for 25 years. Though he hadn’t worked in electrical before he joined the company in 2017, his job here quickly allowed him to use his honed leadership, relationship-building, and hands-on skills in a new space.


A lover of Diet Coke and anything chocolate, he has been married for 24 years, is the father of 3 kids, and his heart lit up when he recently became a grandpa for the first time. He enjoys hunting, fishing, anything outdoors, adventure motorcycle riding, and spending time with his family. He believes in finding joy in the journey, continually seeking growth and self-improvement, and he counts himself lucky to have been blessed with many great mentors and examples throughout his life.



We’ve worked hard to create a company culture here that is unique to the construction industry, and Jake is largely responsible for that.


After studying emergency management at Utah Valley University, he was an owner of a wilderness therapy program for troubled teens for 12 years. When he left that job to become Mike’s first overhead employee in 2014, he thought he was saying goodbye to what he loved most: working with people and wilderness. He quickly found, however, that his background gave him the know-how to build a company culture focused on self-improvement, mental and emotional health, and the overall well-being of each employee. Today Jake serves as the CXO (Chief Experience Officer), and his responsibilities include HR, hands-on, individualized coaching on job sites and in the office, leadership development, and all safety audits for the company as well.


He loves to learn and read (his guilty pleasure is Louis L’Amour books), he’s an avid history buff, and he enjoys leather working, backpacking, adventure motorcycle riding and anything in the great outdoors. He also attends a couple of primitive skills gatherings each year, where he teaches primitive medicine and runs the medical tent for any injuries onsite. He has been married to his wife, Sara, since 2008, and they are the parents of 4 children.




Roger has been the Chief Financial Officer at Haupt Electrical for three years, filling a strong defensive position for the team to ensure that all of our bases are covered. Practically speaking, he manages the books and cash flow, prepares financial statements, generates metrics and data used to make informed decisions, and makes sure that our processes and systems are efficient so we don’t fumble handoffs between departments.


He completed an undergraduate degree in accounting and an MBA with an accounting emphasis from Utah Valley University. His previous work experience includes a staff accountant position, a director of finance, and a director of business intelligence position that encompassed accounting, finance, and information systems. Coming from the tech industry, he values the sincere, genuine, and humble nature of the people he works with here, and he thinks it’s awesome that we approach jobs less as transactions and more as opportunities to build relationships.


He loves basketball, soccer, and cookies, and he has a unique ability to ingest information, immediately assimilate it into his understanding, and then apply it in any situation—to add a process, make a decision, connect certain individuals, or resolve an issue. He believes in being true to yourself in whatever you do and values transparency, honesty, and kindness. He has been married to his wife for 16 years, and together they have three children. 



As the Chief Operations Officer, Tyler coordinates the communication logistics between estimating and project management to ensure that we’re able to meet the objectives and requested time frames of every project we take on.


He received a 4-year degree from BYU-Hawaii in cultural studies with an emphasis in anthropology, got a pilot’s license after completing flight school, and worked for a stint as a wilderness guide before working several years in wilderness therapy. When he joined our team in 2017, he discovered that the same skills that were used to help juvenile delinquents change their lives could be put to use here, in an electrical company, to help people become the best versions of themselves. Tyler’s strong interpersonal and communication skills have been an asset to the company as he shepherds projects from beginning to end.


A jack of all trades, he enjoys playing guitar, tinkering on cars, building campaign furniture, volunteering and teaching at wilderness gatherings, boating, fishing, hunting, climbing, and working with exotic woods. He feels that his passion for building and creating has been a repeated theme in his life, and that it’s part of his DNA. His father was a mechanic for United Airlines, and he showed his son the value of working with your hands to build something from scratch or make an existing thing better. He’s been married for almost 25 years and is the father of two children, and he considers his marriage and family to be his greatest accomplishments.


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